FullStack Developer, Online Retailer


About the vacancy:

Our client is one of the biggest online retailers worldwide with a yearly revenue of £1 billion. We have a long history of relationships and over the years have helped the client to develop web-portals and mobile apps, delivery control systems, staff management tools, data storage, and much more. The systems we’ve built together work in production 24/7. DataArt provides consultation and development of the software for the client in both areas of their activities: online sales and creation of the cross-functional retail platform.

Project teams are responsible for taking care of the services that connect to the automated warehouse. They maintain the system while working closely with the business to support them and to optimize the processes and to constantly improve the architecture of the services.

The specialist we are looking for will be in charge of the reporting system for a warehouse that provides operational information to managers. Their main responsibilities will be to develop and maintain reliable reporting services in the warehouse system.

Must have:

3+ years of experience working with frontend (JavaScript + TypeScript)

Knowledge of React/Redux libraries

Some experience in any of the following Java/Scala/Python/Node.js

Knowledge of software development best practices

Experience working with AWS/GCP

Spoken English, good communication skills

Would be a plus:

Knowledge of SQL (PostgreSQL/AWS RDS/BigQuery)

Proficiency in CI/CD automation

Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes

Keen to learn fast and use a variety of technologies

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